Saint Mary Magdalene icon 14x18cm

Saint Mary Magdalene icon 14x18cm


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Picture made of solid wood from an old wine barrel and with 23 carat gold leaf.

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St. Mary Magdalene was a young woman and along with others they followed Jesus and the apostles and helped in their work in every possible way. It originated in Magdala, a small town west of Lake Gennesaret and south of the Plains of Galilee. He is recognized as a Saint by the Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican and some other Protestant churches. celebrates on July 22

Picture painted on an old solid piece of wood has the colours are non-toxic powder blended with acrylic resin. The background of the picture is covered in leaves of gold 23 carats. The final cover polish is of superior endurance against light and humidity it does not include polyurethane. Handed in with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. Net weight: 450 g.

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Weight (incl. packaging) 700 g
Dimensions 14 × 2 × 18 cm

Old wood